Logs & Forestry

CONSDAN’s business involves the entire hardwood industry chain:
——Hardwood Cultivation: Our hardwood is all derived from forests that can meet the social, economic and ecological needs of the present and future generations, and are by no means derived from endangered tree species or illegally felled products;
——Hardwood collection: We have a large amount of hardwood collection system to which ensures CONSDAN can obtain more high-quality hardwood;
——Log Distribution: unimpeded international hardwood distribution channels to export high-quality logs to the world;
——Log processing: years of the mature and professional log processing experiences, processing of hardwood into veneer, lumber, etc., is the basic guarantee for our solid wood derivative products;
——Solid Wood application:CONSDAN is dedicated to cultivate creative and imaginative solid wood derivative product designers, focusing on the research and development of solid wood home furnishing products with True American spirit.
From the cultivation and collection of hardwoods to R&D, design and production of solid wood derivatives, CONSDAN is committed to providing customers with original ecological and pure natural, pollution-free solid wood household products to create a livable living space and convey a healthy lifestyle.
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