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CONSDAN was established in Commonwealth of Virginia in 2015. In the past years, CONSDAN has been among the forefront of the industry in Sino-US forestry product trade. The industry’s proportion has continued to grow at a high speed, it has won unanimous praise from Sino-US partners, enjoys good reputation in the industry, and has gradually developed into one of the important manufacturers of hardwood products in the United States.

CONSDAN owns nearly 2,000 acers of natural-growing hardwood timber in the United States, and has a hardwood processing plant and hardwood storage base covering an area of nearly 100,000 square meters in Virginia.

319 2nd St
Burkeville, VA 23922,

Toll-free: 1-434-767-WOOD

Our Values

As always, we are committed to create diversified value diversified value for customer —— Ecological value, Artistic value, Creative value……The diversification Value chain is our energy to constantly improving, innovating, and achieving.

As always, we are committed to create multi-dimensional opportunity for our partner —— Self-growth, self-breakthrough, self-realization…… The multi-dimensional opportunity channels are our attitude of valuing talents and respecting partners.

As always, we are committed to create benefits in multiple fields for the social society —— Social and economic benefits, ideological and cultural benefits, ecological environmental benefits…… Social benefits in multiple fields are our obligatory mission and a responsibility we have the courage to assume.

Quality, Special, Achievement, Pride.

"All your hardwood needs" is our condensing and purifying of our brand culture and product features according to customers' consumption needs. It is also the reason why our core values are trusted and convinced by consumers.

By projecting rationality onto sensibility, we represent brand new experiences:

  • High-quality solid wood raw materials and refined production processes support us to provide customers with a " sense of quality ";
  • The original design full of imagination and the unique creativity will provide our customers the sense of "novelty";
  • What we bring to our customers is not only a piece of solid wood derivative products, but also a way of life and attitude of returning to ecology, returning to nature, and returning to the self. The affordable prices allow customers to easily own a solid wood derivative product they like, no longer "love but not", and the customer's "superiority" spontaneously arises.
  • We have been pursuing “a long-term harmonious coexistence between people and nature”, and we solemnly promise that all solid wood products we harvest and use are derived from timber that can meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations, and are not derived from endangered tree species or illegally felled products. "We have the superpower to live in harmony with nature" is the proudest statement.