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They Said...

We got this to replace our plastic squatty potty that was cramping our bathroom’s style!
I’ve never felt compelled to write a review on the hundreds (thousands?) of products I’ve ordered over the course of 10 years as an customer… but this one got me. I opened to box and was completely shocked by the quality and craftsmanship of this stool. The all too common phrase, “they just don’t make stuff like this anymore” applies here and I cannot believe the value in this. Almost had ordered the cheapest “wood” (cheap bamboo) one I could find, at only a few dollars less than this, and am SO glad I got this instead. Would easily pay $50-100+ on something like this elsewhere. It was super easy to assemble, they thoughtfully included extra hardware as well. This is so sturdy and well made; fully hard wood and would highly recommend for anyone. Suddenly a toilet stool purchase has gotten me excited, as it is something we will probably have for many decades to come. Highly recommend and will be actively seeking out products from Consdan in the future 👍🏼 (I know this might sound paid, but I swear I’m just a random person who stumbled upon this and am floored by the quality. I mostly buy things based on reviews and since this seems to be a newer listing it doesn’t have many… want others to be confident in purchasing it!!!)

Perfect fit and a great finishing 

touch for our kitchen. 

Our old counter had a burn ring 

and needed to be replaced so we could list our house. 

Arrived days before we were expecting it 

and were able to get our house listed sooner.Great job guys👍👍

I like that this to stool came put together , 

it’s sturdiness and the color

These are great stool for my kids. 

They are carefully made of solid wood with high quality. 

The size fits my 5 years old son perfectly. 

Although the chair is not on the cheap side,

it’s great value for the price, 

much better than the plastic ones I got earlier.

Am new to the culinary arts and thought a large, sturdy wooden chopping board would be the best. Upon receiving the cutting board, I was most impressed with it's construction, sturdiness, and weight. I keep it on my kitchen counter and it looks great.

The shelves are beautifully made from natural poplar and honey color stained with oil to preserve the grain picture of the wood.

Highly recommended.

Additionally, the delivery was exceptional!

perfect height for reaching the 4-poster Suters bed in the guest room and hopefully no one misses the step! I added a couple of clear rough stair treds that do not hide the nice wood. Easy to assemble, very sturdy, I don't think it will fall over when stepped on.

This style of shoe tree with the expandable edge is the best. These appear to be good quality and smell great with a smooth wood finish. Size small (9.5-11D) offered a nice snug fit for my size 10D Allen Edmonds shoes. If you have nice shoes, definitely worth having several pairs of trees to help maintain shape and keep them looking their best.